Information for Sailors

Sailing holiday fees
The Tourist Fee for Boaters Just as for land-based holidaymakers, there is a State levy for tourists spending their holidays at sea, for the services associated with nautical tourism. A sailing vessel for nautical tourism is defined as a yacht, small craft or boat which is …

Google Sea View

Get a clear view of the coastline and ports in the Split-Dalmatia County.

Conservation for the Marine Environment

The Adriatic Sea is blessed with extremely rich biodiversity. However, its marine organisms and habitats are beiong increasingly threatened by pollution from sewage waste, petroleum, rubbish dumping and various other human activities. As a result, some species have even disappeared, …

Smartphone application
The Nautical Information Service

The Nautical Information Service (NIS) is a smartphone application in a variety of languages. The application is programmed to work at any time of day, anywhere at sea. It works even where there is no internet connexion. Among other benefits, NIS enables:* …

Information for sailors
Services for Sailors

Essential information for safe sailing around Hvar and beyond.