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Practical advice from the non-profit Association Eco Hvar for animal-lovers visiting Hvar.Large numbers of unwanted cats are a problem everywhere. There is no animal shelter on Hvar, but our organization and many individuals do as much as we can. There …

Adder Snake on the Island of Hvar: Nature Safety Tips

The Adder Snake (Latin: Vipera berus) is an indigenous species that you may encounter on the island of Hvar, especially in mountainous areas, forests, and meadows. It is characterized by a brown or gray body with dark spots on its …

Take Care and Enjoy!
Enjoy your vacation responsibly

Panoramic flights!

Discover Jelsa and the island of Hvar from bird perspective! Panoramic Flights Croatia is the first Croatian flight sharing platform that connects passengers and pilots and thus allows them to fly at affordable prices. The platform organizes panoramic and taxi …

Hvar weddings
Weddings on Hvar Island

For a romantic wedding, Hvar Island takes some beating!

Remote working
The Digital Nomad Visa: How to Apply

The special Digital Nomad Visa is available to foreign nationals working remotely, who fulfil certain conditions.

Rules and customs
Helpful Information

Things you need to know to make sure your stay on Hvar is trouble-free.

Bringing pets on holiday
Information for Visitors with Pets

Pets are generally welcome in Jelsa, but there are certain guidelines which it is necessary and wise to follow.

Useful Croatian phrases
The Croatian Language

A few Croatian phrases can go a long way to breaking the ice and getting to know people!

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