Cultural Heritage

Lavender traditions
The Lavender Island

Hvar has been famous through history for its lavender- Lavender cultivation is enjoying a comeback on Hvar after a period of decline.


Hvar Island has the distinction of having five of its rich cultural assets featured formally in UNESCO listings, and a sixth with a valid claim to inclusion!

The Grapčeva Cave
The Grabak Cave (Grapčeva špilja)

Some claim that Odysseus, hero of Homer’s epic ‘The Odyssey’, fought with the Cyclops Polyphemus in the Grapčeva Cave on Hvar Island.

The Donkey Memorial
The Donkey Memorial

A beautiful memorial to a faithful Dalmatian friend on Jelsa’s New Waterfrfont.

Seagull with prey
Sculpture: ‘The Seagull’

The ‘Seagull’ statue is an image of Jelsa’s maritime traditions.

Hvar’s ‘Little Venice’
Vrboska’s Picturesque Little Bridges

The tiny town of Vrboska charms its visitors with its delightful little bridges, which have earned it the name of ‘Little Venice’

National Cultural Asset
The Kaštilac Fort, Glavice Peninsula

The Kaštilac Fort is part of Vrboska’s rich cultural heritage, which in turn is part of Vrboska’s magical charm, alongside its beautiful surroundings of pine trees and greenery, its blue sea, and of course its romantic little bridges.

Culture, KUD
The Jelsa Cultural-Artistic Society

Jelsa’s Cultural-Artistic Society plays an active part in the community, especially keeping folklore traditions alive.

Archaeological site
Galešnik: Relics of a Late Antique Fort

Galešnik was a historical fort,. Visiting its remains involve a lengthy uphill walk, but the fascinating site and the stunning views it affords are well worth the effort!

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